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Take the customer as the center:

Create value for customers is the reason there existing in company, existence premise, the key to development. Persisted take the customer as the center process-driven, rapid response to customer demand, create and lead the customer demand is our direction of long-term efforts.

With the striver is this:

Service for the customer the opportunity is fighting to win in the competition, in the process of service, rich sense of mission, dedicated and pay, dare to face the challenge and overcome the difficult, be industrious and frugal, constantly transcend self, sustained performance improvement and value creator, is each post striver. Striver is the company's most valuable resource, the company is committed to helping employees grow into a striver, and makes the striver get good returns.

Open innovation:

Demand in the update, technology in development, constant is change, open your mind as we only embrace change, through the integration of internal and external quality resources to enhance the ability to create value for customers. We will insist for a long time to open, promote innovation, innovation driven development strategy innovation, leading the customer needs, with an open to promote the coordinated development of ecological enterprises.